Born in 1950, in Tokyo. Graduated from Rikkyo University, School of Law. A business person, author and poet. He advocates and practices the way of life, focusing on the Combustion of Life Energy, and a pursuer of Life Energy Theory.
His books are essays on Life [Ikuru (To Live)], poetries and essays [Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)] and philosophy and thought essays [Kongen-e (To the Origin)] (All three books are published by KODANSHA LTD.). The definitive edition introducing the artworks and life of Toshima Yasumasa [Kokou no Realism (Solitary Realism)], and a unique artistic thought is narrated in [Yugoku no Geijutsu (The Art of Passion)]. The theory of “Combustion of Life” is exhaustively narrated by various themes in [Identity of Life] (All three are published by KODANSHA EDITORIAL LTD.). And a Dialogue between Book Sommelier Shimizu Katsuyoshi [Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul)] (Published by East Press). The joint authorship narrating on human aging [Rou ni Manabu (Learn in Old Age)] (Published by HS Co., Ltd). A work that embraces everlasting affection of the author for “Akogare (Adoration)” [Akogare no Shisou (Philosophy of “Akogare (Adoration)”)] (Published by PHP Institute, Inc.). And [Miyo Ginmaku ni (Mementos in the Cinema) ― Sosyu Recommended Cinemas] (Published by Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa). The lifetime member of The Mycological Society of Japan.

Furthermore, he advances a unique art project. Operates Shigyo Sosyu Collection and serves as Director of Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa. Art works that Sosyu accumulates are Yasuda Yukihiko, Togo Heihachiro, Nanten-bou, Hirano Ryo and others. He has established a profound fellowship with Toshima Yasumasa, the Artist of the Soul. After Toshima deceased, he obtained all the works and succeeded to the will of Toshima Yasumasa and established the Memorial Gallery. To preserve and manifest the works of Toshima Yasumasa, they are displayed at the exhibition room at Kouji-machi, Chiyoda-ku.

[Sosyu of Dream]

[Sosyu of Dream]
Oil Painting Toshima Yasumasa, 2003

Past of major newspaper articles and magazines interview

Feb. 27, 2018.

Bimonthly magazine “SHUCHI (Collective Wisdom)” March・April 2018 Issue : Dialogue “Zen and Bushido : The First― Live Throwing Oneself to Death.”
Dialogue article with the Chief Administrator of the Engaku-ji Division of the Rinzai Sect of Buddhism, the Master priest Yokota Nanrei is printed.
Jan. 1, 2018.

In Monthly magazine “Reirō” published by The Institute of Moralogy, Jan. 2018 issue, Colloquy “Challenge the Incomplete―Live by Burning One’s Life,” Colloquy with Ms. Saegusa Rieko, COO, Passion Japan Co. Ltd.・Author・Master of Etiquette is printed.
Dec, 2017.

In Nihon University Dermatology Department, Alumni Year Book 2017, and magazine [Ika Geijyutsu] Dec. 2017 issue, the article introducing the artworks of Toshima Yasumas titled “Do Not Depict the Eyes! Solitary Artist―Toshima Yasumasa” by the Head of Department of Dermatology, Professor Suzuki Hiroyuki is printed.
Jan. 29, 2017.

[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Book Reading “Review by Miyazaki Masahiro: A book of thought possessing powerful magnetism “Philosophy of Akogare (Adoration).”
Oct. 16,2016.

[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Book Reading “Comment by Shimpo Yuji; [Yugoku no Geijutsu (The Art of Passion)], the Prose Poems Transcending an Art Review.”
Sep. 4,2016.
[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun. Encountered with This Book. “Comment by Shigyo Sosyu; [Tragic Sense of Life] by Miguel de Unamuno, Despair is the very Driving Force of Life.”
Jun. 21,2016.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun culture column [Toshima Yasumasa, Artist of the Soul], an article on the encounter of Toshima Yasumasa and Shigyo Sosyu, and the establishment of Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa is inserted.
Jun. 5, 2016.
[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Encountered with this Book [Comment by Shimizu Katsuyoshi; “Ikuru (To Live)” Vertical Book Reading Significant for Human Life.]
May 8, 2016.

Akita Sakigake Shimbun, Topic report from the Tokyo Metropolitan area [To Commemorate the Tenth-year of his Death; Enlighten his Artworks and Life], an introduction article on Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa Annex (Koji-machi) is inserted.
May 1, 2016.
Tokyo Houmeikai Newsletter [Toshima Yasumasa, Genius Artist of Solitude], this article is inserted in the newsletter of Toshima’s alma mater, Akita Prefectural Odate Houmei High School.
Apr. 3, 2016.
[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Book Reading [Comment by Kuwahara Satoshi; Solitary Realism―The Art of Toshima Yasumasa―].
Feb. 25, 2016.

In monthly art magazine “Geijyutsu Shincho” March 2016 issue, an article ARTCAFÉ [Close up to Toshima Yasumasa’s Paintings, the definitive Collection of Artworks will be published shortly.] The article on the definitive edition of “Solitary Realism” introducing the artworks and life of Toshima Yasumasa is inserted.
Nov. 8, 2015.

[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Book Reading [Comment by Shigyo Sosyu, Human can change as much as one wishes, “Jinsei o Kaeru Dokusho Mukichoekisyu no Kokoro o Yusabutta 42-satsu (Book Readings to Change One’s Life, 42 Books, which Moved the Heart of a Life-timer) by Mitatsu Yamato]
Oct. 25, 2015.

In monthly art magazine “Geijyutsu Shincho” November 2015 issue, ARTCAFÉ [Encountered with the Art in Solitude, the World of Toshima Yasumasa’s Mementos], an article introducing the exhibition held at The Embassy of Spain [Solitary Realism―The Art of Toshima Yasumasa―] is inserted.
Oct. 4, 2015.

[Book Review] Sankei Shimbun, Book Reading [Comment by Shigyo Sosyu, Magnetism of Thought that the Way of Living Produces, “Atarashii Doutoku ‘Iikoto o Suru to Kimochi ga Iino wa Nazeka'(New Morals, The Reason Why, ‘When one does good deed, one feels good”) By Kitano Takeshi.]
Sep. 5, 2015.
[Book Review] Monthly magazine “Chichi” September issue (Chichi Publishing Co.,Ltd.), Book Review・BOOKS “Tamashiino Nenshoe (To the Combustion of the Soul).”
Aug. 6, 2015.

[Book Review] Bimonthly Japanese history magazine “Rekishitsu” September issue (Wack Co.), The recommended single book from the editorial department “Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul).”
Jul. 9, 2015.

Community Information Paper, The AZABU vol.32 (Issued by Azabu Rigional City Office), Azabu no Kiseki (Vestiges of Azabu) [The “Beauty of Japan” becomes the “Beauty of the World”], the article on Shigyo Hiromichi, grandfather of Shigyo Sosyu, who promoted and spread Japanese Art to the world is inserted.
Jul. 1, 2015.
Review of [Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul)], by Monthly Magazine [Seiron] August 2015 issue.
Jun. 18, 2015.
Review of [Tamashii no Nenshou e (To the Combustion of the Soul)] by Sankei Sports, Information Column, Book Review.
From Aug. 9, 2014 ~
From September 2014 issue of bimonthly Japanese history magazine "Rekishitsu" (Wack Co.) Shigyo Sosyu [Bushido he no Michi (The Way to Bushido)] is favorably serialized up to present.
Mar. 1, 2014.
Magazine "Doukei-jyuku" (by Moralogy Kenkyujyo) [Riida no Joken (Qualification of the Leader)] Interview.
Dec. 1, 2013.
The Sankei Shimbun, reading column [Review by Oketani Hideaki: How should one Live and Die [Kongen-he (To the Origin)] by Shigyo Sosyu].
Sep. 1, 2011 ~
Aug. 1, 2013.
Monthly magazine "Seiron" serialized from Oct. 2011 ~ Sep. 2013 [Sosyu Ritsugen Kongen-he (Sosyu Statement To the Origin)]
Jul. 1, 2011.
Monthly magazine "Seiron" August issue, [Suisei no yoni arawareta Shisouka kaku katariki, Kaere Nihon-jin no Kokoro he (A Thinker who appeared like a Comet Speaks; Return to the Japanese Heart)]
Mar. 20, 2011.
"Gekkan Bijutsu" March 2011 as ‘This month best recommended book’: [Ikuru (To Live)], [Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)] by Shigyo Sosyu.
Mar. 12, 2011.
Saga Shimbun, Saga culture column comments [A descendant of Saga domain Bushi, Mr. Shigyo has published a book on Life Philosophy]
Mar. 6, 2011.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, in Dokusho atogaki no ato column, [Mr. Shigyo Sosyu speaks on Poetries of Mental Pabulum in “Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)]
Feb. 1 & 2, 2011.
Yukan Fuji [Author Interview: Ask Mr. Shigyo Sosyu on his talked about books "Ikuru (To Live)" and "Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)"] First and second columns.
Jan. 10, 2011.
Yomiuri Shimbun culture column, [Powerful Essay on Poetries by a businessperson] (Review on "Tomo-yo (Dear Friends)".

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