Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa

Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa is closed on Sundays, Mondays and National holidays.
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Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa

Toshima Yasumasa had lived 72 years of Sublime and Solitary Noble Life, and bequeathed numerous Lofty and Profound works. Shigyo Sosyu and Toshima Yasumasa had encountered through the works of Toshima. They have established a deep mutual confidence for about three years until Toshima died of illness.
"Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumas" was established by Shigyo Sosyu, to succeed Toshima's will, to preserve Toshima Arts and pass them down to the future.
The Gallery preserves Toshima's works and mementos, and displays his works. (1-10 Kouji-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ⇒Access

Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa Annex(Kouji-machi, Chiyoda-ku)

Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa Annex(1-10 Kouji-machi, Chiyoda-ku)

About Toshima Yasumasa

Toshima Yasumasa 41-year-old
Toshima Yasumasa 41-year-old

Indeed an admirable Death.
Toshima Yasumasa, born from the dense forest, and dedicated everything to his Art. On the day, he was pronounced of his death, he quietly confirmed his determination to complete his last work, as if nothing had happened. Perhaps deep within himself, he must have prayed for afresh start of his work. "Inconceivable Sorrow exists," Toshima uttered such. It must be true. One lived in Aspiration, may hence be granted of an Eternal Life. Toshima and his Art stood Aloft in the present Japan. The man lived straight through, the way of his own Belief. And he has bequeathed the Art, which should be called "Vertical Aspiration," aimed at Heaven, and Died. His Vestiges and Death has given birth to this Memorial Gallery. Here, "Blood and Tears" of Toshima exists. Here "Dream and Aspiration" of Toshima exists. Ultimately, his whole Soul exists here.

Shigyo Sosyu

Dedicate two Wakas (Japanese Poems) to Toshima Yasumasa


Eternal Chinese Quince

Eternal Chinese QuinceEternal Chinese Quince

City: Three Towers - Distant View of Granada -

City: Three Towers - Distant View of Granada -City: Three Towers - Distant View of Granada -



Sosyu of Lofty Rock

Stern (Rigorous, strict) SosyuStern (Rigorous, strict) Sosyu

Cuenca – Landscape of Spain -

Cuenca – Landscape of Spain -Cuenca – Landscape of Spain -

Toshima Yasumasa Chronology

Born. Native Place; Takanosu-cho, Kita-akita-gun, Akita Pref. (presently Kita-akita City).
Graduated from Odate-houmei Prefectural High School.
Entered Musashino Art School (presently Musashino Art University).
Aso Saburo, Mori Yoshio, Yamaguchi Kaoru, et al. were professors.
Yamaguchi Takeo took up a professorship. Toshima admired and respected Yamaguchi.
Transferred his major to Sculpture. He continued oil painting as well.
Graduated from the University.
Appointed as an assistant of Sculpture, on recommendation of Professors.
Resigned from an assistant of Sculpture.
On recommendation of Aso Saburo, his first own exhibition was held at Ginza:Saegusa Gallery.
Offered by Yamaguchi Takeo to join the Art study group and studied Oil Painting and Sketch.
This year, motivated by Self-determined Death of Mishima Yukio, he began to paint "Winter Garden" and other Groves.
Having interest in Velázquez, El Greco, Zurbarán, et al. and Spanish Baroque Arts, he went over to Spain for his production.
He stayed in Madrid and a village of Aznalcazar.
Moved to Granada, since then it became the place of his Art works.
Thereafter, except for several returns to Japan, he stayed in Granada until his return in 2000.
Okuda Eiji, an actor, visited his atelier in Granada. Nihon TV televised this visit in "Red Paint in Granada".
In those days, many motifs of Chinese Quince and Human Figures were depicted.
The death of his wife Etsuko (in 1999) led him to return to Japan.
Shigyo Sosyu saw in "Gekkan Bijutsu" (issued on July 20, 2000) a painting of Toshima Yasumasa for the first time. He was amazed with its artistry and met Toshima Yasumasa.
And Toshima accepted to paint portraits of Shigyo Sosyu.
He started his production in Toranomon atelier (former bldg. of BIOTEC CO., LTD).
Worked on Sculpture again after a long lapse of 40 years.
[L'âme Enchantée –( Enchanted Soul) Portrait of Shigyo Sosyu] was his last work, and he died. At his funeral, J.S. Bach's "The St.Matthew Passion" was played upon his request.
[L'âme Enchantée- Portrait of Shigyo Sosyu] was published in the special edition of "Gekkan Bijutsu" Dec. issue.
In Realism Exhibition [Sonzai no Bigaku (Aesthetic of Existence)], upon strong request of Isoe Takeshi, the leading member, Toshima Yasumas's paintings were exhibited.
Toshima's residential atelier was preserved. (Inagi-shi, Tokyo)
Korean photographer Chung Seyoung published photographic Collection [TOSHIMA](Surysanbang). Toshima's photos and paintings are compiled into a book written in 4 languages, English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean.
Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa Annex was established in the new building of BIOTEC CO., LTD. (1-10 Kouji-machi, Chiyoda-ku) and opened in next April.
Koda Yoji, the president of Musashino Art University (at the time of this colloquy), and Professor of same University Kurokawa Hiroki and Professor Park Hyounggook visited Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa.
President Koda and Director of the Gallery Shigyo Sosyu had conversed and this was compiled into a booklet [Taidan Toshima yasumasa to sono jidai – sengo no Musashino Bijyutsu Daigaku (Colloquy: Toshima Yasumasa and his Times – Musashino Art University after the War - )].
[Ware to Nanji – Yamaguchi Takeo to Toshima Yasumasa no Taiwa – ("I and You" – Dialogue between Yamaguchi Takeo and Toshima Yasumasa – )] is the documenting of the recorded dialogue with Yamaguchi Takeo which were entrusted by Toshima to Shigyo in his life time. It is compiled into a booklet and published by Memorial Gallery of Toshima Yasumasa.
[Five Fiery Oil Painters Exhibition] was held at Fuchu Art Museum. Toshima Yasumasa was chosen as one of the Artists actively worked in Fuchu-tama and 23 paintings were exhibited. The Exhibition of [Solitary Realism-The Art of Toshima Yasumasa-] is held at the Embassy of Spain in Japan. The message of His Excellency the Spanish Ambassador to Japan, Mr.Gonzalo de Benito, and 'Art Dialogue' between Mr.Santiago Herrero Amigo, Counselor of Culture, and Shigyo Sosyu are included in the catalogue designed by Spanish Architect Ms. Mónica Villalba de Madariaga.
[Kokou no Realism (Solitary Realism)] (KODANSHA EDITORIAL LTD.) a definitive edition introducing the artworks and the life of Toshima Yasumasa is published. And to celebrate the publication of this book, the lecture titled [Toshima Yasumasa Stratum of Existence―Encounter and Recurrence] (with the cooperation of The Embassy of Spain) by Koike Hisako, Professor of Faculty of literature of Kokugakuin University is held at Instituto Cervantes Tokio.
In NHK Sunday Museum “Granada ・Painting Collection of the Soul-Toshima Yasumasa・Solitary Realism” was broadcasted. (MC: Iura Arata, Ito Toshie. The Cast: Okuda Eiji, Koike Hisako) The program was produced following the footmarks of the life and painting works of unknown Toshima Yasumasa, based on thorough reporting including overseas location in Spain.

[Spain in the Sight of Toshima Yasumasa]Exhibition was held at Instituto Cervantes de Tokio. About 50 works focusing on scenery and portraits of people and also photographic films taken by Toshima himself were exhibited. And to celebrate this exhibition, the violin concert by Ms. Lina Tur Bonet was held at Embassy of Spain in Japan. In this concert, Bach’s Violin Sonata “Chaconne,” which Toshima was fond of, and Poulenc’s Violin and Piano Sonata dedicated to the leading poet of Granada García Lorca were played.

The national newspaper of Spain EL PAÍS (23rd of May, international page, digital version) carried the article about Toshima Yasumasa and[Spain in the Sight of Toshima Yasumasa]Exhibition.