Comments on Sosyu

Who is Shigyo Sosyu?
Some of the words by various people that express Shigyo Sosyu are introduced.

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Comments on Sosyu

Mishima Yukio(1925-1970) a novelist, playwright. [Hojo no Umi (The Sea if Fertility)], [Kinkaku ji (The Temple of Golden Pavilion)], et al.

"You are the only one whom I can earnestly talk literally about Death."

"Your interpretation comes from your Blood.
I am honored and privileged to be a writer, to have a young reader like you.
When I listened to you, I thought, I am ready to Die at any moment.
To a writer, it is even more precious and significant than one's Own Life,
to have a Reader especially Young One who Profoundly comprehends the Value of the Own Work."

Kobayashi Hideo(1902-1983) Literary Critic. [Motoori Norinaga], [Mujo to iukoto], et al.

"Rameau's Music is the Marriage of Learning and Affection. Rameau fully savors its Felicity."

"Your Bushido is Rameau-like.
That is, Philosophy and Art blends in Spiral and they Radiate into the Infinite Distance."

Mori Arimasa(1911-1976) French literature scholar, Philosopher. "Babylon no Nagare no hotorinite", et al.

To show his gratitude, to Mori Arimasa's organ performance of 'Passacaglia', Sosyu sang 'Kojo no Tsuki'(Moon over the Ruined Castle) and 'Hito wo kouru uta' in return.

"Your Baritone has a sound of the Greek Orthodox. Not of Europe.
It could be expressed as the Crystal-clear sound born from the Profound Chaos."

Mayuzumi Toshiro(1929-1997) International Composer. "Nehan" Symphony", et al.

"Your Philosophy is indeed Musical. It has the 'Verticality' that transcends Theories.
It creates Fascination. I sense Hölderlin there."

Toshima Yasumasa(1934-2006) Oil Painter. He resided in Spain for an extended period of time. "L'âme Enchanté(Enchanted Soul) – Portrait of Shigyo Sosyu', "City-Three Towers – Distant View of Granada", et al.

"Mr.Shigyo is Shadowless even illuminated by the Sun Light."

"Shigyo has the Existence heading for the Center of Gravity."